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leviathan1Fishing for Leviathan is a blog about technology (specifically digital techs) and theology…how they relate, how they fight, and how we, in the midst of it all, have to make sense of a world that is increasingly composed of zeroes and ones. The name has dual meaning:

First, the “leviathan” emerges in Scripture (Job, Isaiah, Psalms, and others) as a sea monster or whale; a terrifying and profound creature of God, bound to the deep. My observation of our current cultural fascination with digital technologies seems to me like a little boy on a barely-floating rowboat who’s fishing for the leviathan…he knows not what he is doing. In Moby Dick, Ahab is pursuing the whale. What happens when leviathan fights back? In short, my blog title is a cautionary cry to our day and age.

But, secondly, the title communicates another, more optimistic, message. The Christian story is vast and filled with adventure. We explore what it means to live life under the cross. God invites us into a world of mystery and joy–the rich, full life of Jn 10:10–so no topic is too big for the Christian’s inquisitive gaze. Fishing for big topics (the meaning of community, the impact of digital technology, the joy of NFL draft day, etc.) is a remarkable part of the human experience! Pull out a pole and go big.rowboat

So, in the warring spirits of caution and reckless abandon, pick up your own pole, grab a Shiner and drop a line in. Share with me the joy of thinking about the big things, knowing that we might not end up in comfortable places. I’ll value the conversation and pray you’ll enjoy it, too.




  1. Sounds like a cool topic for a blog. Looking forward to future posts.

  2. Looking forward to it! God’s blessings on the journey!

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